Difference between double cream & whipping cream


1. Double cream has a higher fat content (48%) compared to whipping cream (35%).
2. Double cream is thicker and can be boiled without separating, making it suitable for cooking.
3. Whipping cream can be whipped easily and has a smoother texture, making it ideal for pouring over desserts and as a filling in cakes.


Cream is a versatile byproduct of milk used in cooking and confectionary. Double cream and whipping cream are two terms used to describe different qualities of cream. This article will explain the differences between the two.

Double Cream

Double cream is a term used to describe cream with a high fat content, usually more than 48%. It is thick and easy to whip, making it ideal for decorating puddings and cakes. In some countries like Germany, Switzerland, France, and Italy, double cream refers to cream with at least 45% fat content. Double cream can be boiled without separating, making it suitable for cooking. However, over-whipping can cause the cream to separate, which can be prevented by adding a few spoons of milk before whipping.

Whipping Cream

Whipping cream is lighter than double cream with around 35% fat content. It is called whipping cream because it whips easily and beautifully. Some refer to it as pouring cream because despite its thick consistency, it can be easily poured. Whipping cream is considered healthier than double cream as it has lower fat content without losing its smoothness. It can be whipped and poured over soups, custards, and quiches. It has an airy texture after whipping, making it an ideal filling for pastries and cakes. Stabilizers are added to whipping cream to help it hold its shape after whipping.

Differences Between Double Cream and Whipping Cream

– Whipping cream has lower fat content (35%) compared to double cream (48%).
– Whipping cream is easier to whip.
– Whipping cream can be easily poured, while double cream does not pour easily.
– Double cream is thicker than whipping cream.
– While double cream is the best for whipping, whipping cream also whips easily and is often used as a filling in cakes.
– In Europe, whipping cream is the more common term, while in the US, light whipping cream is used.

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