Difference Between Educational Technology & Technology Utilized in Education

Technology of Education vs Technology in Education

The terms Technology of Education and Technology in Education can be confusing for many people. Education has evolved significantly over time, and technology has facilitated learning for both teachers and students. Technological advancements have not only impacted daily life but have also entered schools and classrooms, transforming the way education is imparted to students. In this article, we will explore the differences between the technology of education and technology in education.

What is Technology of Education?

Technology of education, also known as educational technology, refers to the integration of IT into the classroom. This is a continuously evolving field that relies on technological advancements. The use of technology in education offers many advantages, just as technology has enriched various aspects of life. Today’s classrooms are becoming more modern, with teachers and students benefiting from devices such as smartboards and computers.

The internet has significantly changed the way teachers can demonstrate concepts and ideas to children, making learning more enjoyable. Information is now encapsulated on the internet, allowing learning to be fun rather than a chore. Consequently, education is no longer limited to the privileged few, and even those who are disadvantaged can access knowledge that was previously unattainable. The internet’s true potential can be realized by disseminating knowledge to everyone without discrimination.

What is Technology in Education?

Technology in education is not only about using technology to facilitate learning and teaching but is also a field of study for those involved in developing technological tools for educational purposes. Technologists are inventing tools and gadgets for classroom use with students and teachers in mind. These individuals are driving the revolution in educational technology, which encompasses all aspects of learning and instruction.

Technology in education includes (but is not limited to) the use of hardware, software, the internet, and other related activities to enhance human capabilities. The use of technology in education is always welcome, as it enables teachers and students to acquire knowledge more efficiently. However, teachers remain essential, as they are the ones utilizing the technology, and technology cannot replace them.

Key Takeaways

  • Technology of education refers to the incorporation of IT into the classroom, which is constantly evolving and relies on technological advancements.
  • Technology in education is not only about using technology to facilitate learning but is also a field of study for those involved in developing technological tools for educational purposes; it is a broader area than technology of education.
  • Both technologies aim to enhance the learning experience for students and teachers, but technology cannot replace the role of teachers in the classroom.
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