Difference between Egyptian art & Greek art


Egyptian Art vs Greek Art

Egyptian art and Greek art have different styles and characteristics. Egyptian art follows strict stylistic laws imposed by the Pharaohs, while Greek art is more liberal. Greek art focuses on mythology and encourages artists to follow their own style. Egyptian art aims for objective representation with large heads lacking expression, while Greek art aims for representation of reality and emphasizes human expression. Both art forms include nudity, but Greek art focuses more on the human form. Greek art captures movement, while Egyptian art is static. Egyptian art is inclined towards religion, while Greek art is more philosophical. These are the main differences between Egyptian art and Greek art.


1. Greek art was more liberal and allowed artists to follow their own style, while Egyptian art followed strict stylistic laws imposed by the Pharaohs.
2. Greek art focused on human expression and the representation of reality, while Egyptian art aimed for objective representation and lacked expressive features.
3. Greek art emphasized movement and action, while Egyptian art was static and lacked movement.

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