Difference Between Electrical Engineering & Electronics Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering are two branches in the Engineering field. At one point in time, there was only electrical engineering as a field of study of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. However, with the proliferation in gadgets, appliances, and circuitry, a new field of engineering emerged from electrical engineering that is today known as electronics engineering. The difference between electrical engineering and electronics engineering is still something that most people remain confused about. Technically speaking, electronics remains a subset of electrical engineering, though electrical engineering stops short in fields where electronics begin to take over. In many countries, no distinction is made, and electrical engineering is used to refer to electronics engineering. In many Universities, electronics engineering is only a part of electrical engineering or it is concentrated, and the candidate is said to have done electrical engineering in electronics.

Key Takeaways

  • For both electrical and electronics engineering, a candidate is required to have a solid foundation in math and physics.
  • Electronics Engineering deals with the behavior of electrons and their effect on the development of devices, systems, and equipment, such as integrated chips, transistors, and circuit boards.
  • Electrical Engineering deals with electricity, power generation and distribution, and control of electricity, encompassing power, control systems, electronics, and telecommunications.
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Maria Nguyen
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