Difference between entrepreneur & trader


There is often confusion between the words “entrepreneur” and “trader,” as they are mistakenly assumed to have the same meaning. However, they actually have distinct meanings. A trader is someone who engages in the buying and selling of goods, while an entrepreneur is someone who focuses on making profits from selling products.

Differences between Entrepreneur and Trader

A trader engages in buying and selling with business intentions, while an entrepreneur sells products solely with the goal of making profits. Trading encompasses both business and commerce, whereas an entrepreneur primarily focuses on commerce.

The term “trader” is used in connection with business firms and their activities, while an entrepreneur relies on these firms and their activities. An entrepreneur must be mentally prepared to bear losses in business, as they take the risks associated with starting a new venture.

Both entrepreneurs and traders need to consider business ethics, but an entrepreneur stands out in their field by displaying excellent business skills and leadership qualities. A trader, on the other hand, does not need to showcase leadership qualities as it is not a crucial aspect of their role.

The workplace atmosphere affects an entrepreneur’s behavior but does not have an impact on a trader. Additionally, a trader does not need to consider the technologies involved in the production of products, whereas an entrepreneur should pay attention to the technological aspects of product development.


1. The difference between an entrepreneur and a trader is that a trader focuses on buying and selling with business intentions, while an entrepreneur focuses on selling products with the intention of experiencing profits.
2. A trader is dependent on business firms and their activities, while an entrepreneur takes possession of a new enterprise and is accountable for the risks connected with it.
3. An entrepreneur needs to pay attention to business ethics, exhibit business skills, and demonstrate leadership qualities, while a trader does not have to exhibit leadership qualities and does not need to consider the atmosphere of the workplace or the technologies involved in production.

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