Difference Between Even If & Even Though

Even is a word that can be combined with many other words to mean different things. It can be made into a condition or it can be emphasized by combining it with though, if, when, and so on. Many students of the English language, especially non-natives, find it hard to differentiate between even though and even if, thereby making mistakes while using these phrases in written, as well as spoken English. This article attempts to make it easy for such people by highlighting the difference between the two phrases.

Even is a word that is used to make a strong statement. Even helps in emphasizing or driving home a point so that it is not missed by others. Take a look at the following sentences.
• He lost everything through gambling, even his wedding ring.
• Smith does not remember anything from his past after his accident, not even his own name.

Let us see how using though and if make a difference to an expression.
• Even though Tom studied hard for his exams, he failed in math.
• Even though Helen tried everything to save her marriage, she eventually failed.
• You cannot make Kylie happy even if you try with your full might
• He will still not be able to pay off his entire debt even if he wins the jackpot lottery.

Key Takeaways

  • Even if implies whether or not and is used as a conjunction. It puts in a hypothetical condition that has not taken place yet.
  • Even though means “despite the fact” and is used to convey the impression that an unexpected result was obtained despite the fact. It can be replaced with though or although but even though makes a sentence look more emphatic.
  • Even though and even if are not interchangeable and imply different things. Even though talks of a fact, whereas even if indicates an unsure condition.
Gil Tillard
Gil Tillard
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