Difference Between Fabric & Fibre

Fabric and fibre are terms frequently used in relation to textiles or clothing. Fabric refers to the material or ingredient used in creating the textile, while fibre refers to the material of the clothing itself. This article will discuss the differences between fabric and fibre to help readers understand the appropriate word to use when talking about textiles.


Firstly, any cloth or textile is created from fibers of a substance woven in a pattern. Fibers are strands of materials that are spun together to make yarn, which is the basic material used for manufacturing cloth or textiles. For example, cotton has been used to make clothing for centuries. Cotton balls are obtained from the cotton plant and turned into strands that can be woven and eventually turned into clothing or textiles. Many sources of fibre exist, but natural plant and animal sources are preferred for clothing because of comfort and safety. Wool from animals is another natural fibre that has been used for thousands of years to make warm garments for protection during winters.


Fabric is the end result of a process called weaving, which uses fibre as the ingredient. For example, you might know that the undergarment you wear is made of cotton. In this case, both the fabric and fibre are cotton. When a fibre is taken and weaving is performed on it, fabric is created. Retail shops selling dress materials or textiles typically sell fabrics. When deciding to change the curtains of a home, fabric is chosen in upholstery shops and made into curtains. Similarly, if a person cannot find ready-to-wear clothing in their size, they might choose fabric that can be tailored to make a shirt or jeans. There are many options for fabrics, such as cotton, silk, terrycot, polyester, and so on.

Key Takeaways

  • Fibre is the material or ingredient used to create fabric.
  • Fabric is the end result of a process called weaving, which uses fibre as the ingredient.
  • Both natural and synthetic fibres can be used to create different types of fabrics.
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