Difference between father & mother.


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Father vs Mother

In the English language, the words “father” and “mother” are used separately despite both being part of the term “parents.” This is because both the father and mother have distinct roles to play in a family.

Father’s Role

The father is generally considered the head of the family and is responsible for taking care of the basic needs of the household. This includes earning income through a job and ensuring there are no shortages of essential items like food, clothing, and other household necessities. The father is also responsible for educating the children in the house.

Mother’s Role

The mother, often referred to as a homemaker, takes care of the in-house functions of the home. She is responsible for nurturing the children, properly feeding them, ensuring their hygiene, and monitoring their overall health. The mother plays a crucial role in the growth and development of her children, providing love, affection, and emotional support.

Combination of Roles

While both parents play important roles in a child’s development, the mother is often associated with the softer side of a child’s upbringing, such as love, affection, and understanding their emotional needs. On the other hand, the father is often associated with the harder side of a child’s development, focusing on guiding them to become strong individuals, providing education and career guidance, and exposing them to the world outside. A child may feel more secure with their mother’s love, while the father provides physical protection.

Modern Perspectives

In the modern world, the roles of mothers and fathers are becoming more interchangeable depending on the situation. It is a joint effort of both parents to bring up a child and raise them to be good citizens.


1. Father and mother have separate roles to play in a family, with the father typically considered as the head of the household and responsible for providing for the family’s basic needs, while the mother takes care of in-house functions and nurtures the children.

2. The mother is given the additional responsibility to take care of the children, including monitoring their growth, health, education, and behavior. It is said that every child grows according to the guidance given by the mother.

3. While both parents play crucial roles in a child’s development, the mother is more associated with the softer side of a child’s development, such as love, affection, and emotional support, while the father is more associated with the harder side of development, guiding them in education, career, and the outside world.

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