Difference Between Fedora & Trilby Hats

Hats are worn globally by both men and women to enhance their appearance and showcase their unique personalities. There are many styles of hats made from various materials, with the most popular designs often originating from designer houses. Two similar and popular designs are the Fedora and Trilby hats. Both are produced by numerous companies worldwide, and their similarities can lead to confusion. This article will explore the differences between Fedora and Trilby hats.

Fedora is a type of felt hat often worn by men in many regions of the world. The most popular Fedora hats are black and grey, and the style originated in 1891 as a hat for women. Soon, the Fedora became popular among men as it was considered stylish while also protecting the wearer’s head from the elements. At one point, Fedora hats became a trademark of the Jews, and during the Great Depression in the 1930s, they gained popularity among gangsters, mafia, and detectives. The style was further popularized by Hollywood stars in movies during the early 20th century and even in the 1950s. Jazz musicians contributed to the Fedora’s popularity by wearing them during performances. The greatest of musical stars, Michael Jackson, wore Fedoras in most of his performances and during concerts and tours.

Trilby, a felt hat with a similar appearance to the Fedora, has long been considered a rich man’s hat. Some even refer to it as a crumpled Fedora. In reality, the Trilby hat has a shorter brim that is slightly turned up at the back. The origins of the Trilby can be traced back to 1894 when the novel “Trilby” by George de Maurier was adapted for stage, and the actors wore this hat in the play.

Trilby hats were traditionally made of felt crafted from rabbit hairs, but today, the material has changed to include woven woolen materials. During the 1980s, an attempt was made to popularize the hat by creating designs in tweed to attract young men and women. In a way, it was like promoting Trilby as a retro fashion.

Key Takeaways

  • Fedora originated as a women’s hat in 1891, while Trilby originated in 1894 through a play called “Trilby”.
  • Fedora has a longer brim than Trilby, and the shorter brim of Trilby is turned slightly upwards at the back.
  • Both are felt hats, but Trilby was traditionally made of rabbit hair, while Fedoras have been popularized by movie stars and performers like Michael Jackson.
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