Difference Between Few & a Couple

Few vs Couple

In the English language, there are several ways to express a small quantity or number. Two of the most frequently used terms to indicate something in small numbers are “few” and “couple.” Although many people use these words interchangeably as if they were synonyms, there are clear differences between the two, which will be highlighted in this article.

Key Takeaways

  • A couple typically refers to a pair or two in number, while few indicates a small quantity greater than one but not many.
  • When an exact number is not specified, “few” is often used, whereas “couple” is reserved for situations where the quantity is known to be two.
  • Both terms can be used to describe small quantities of things, people, objects, or events, but “couple” is specifically used for pairs, and “few” is used for greater than two but still a small number.

What does Couple mean?

A couple is a phrase commonly used for something that comes in a pair or has two in number. It can also refer to an event that takes place only two times. If the quantity is two when referring to people, events, or objects, the word “couple” should be used. For example:

– I had a couple of drinks before dinner.
– The couple enjoyed the outing too much.
– I only have a couple of jackets to face the winters.

What does Few mean?

Few is a common word to indicate a small quantity of things, people, objects, or events. It would be fair to say that whenever we talk about something that is greater than one in quantity but remains confined to several that we are not sure of, “few” is the word that seems appropriate. When the number of things is great, “many” is the word that is more appropriate. The quantity is usually between three and five when the word “few” is used, as “couple” is reserved for two.

When you say “a few days,” you are not sure how many. For example:
– It rained for a few days this month.

From this sentence, it is clear that the speaker has not specified the number of days but intends to convey that it rained for several days, not many.

What is the difference between Couple and Few?

  • Both “couple of” and “few” are used to refer to the fact that we are talking about something that is small in number. However, “couple” is specifically reserved for something that is two in quantity, whereas “few” is used when the quantity is greater than two in general.
  • Few is anything that is more than one, but not many.
  • Couple is also a pair, as in an attractive pair or a couple.
  • While two is included in “a few” as it describes a number in unitary digits, “couple” only applies to two or a pair of the same sort.
  • “I have met him a couple of times” clearly expresses the fact that the meeting took place twice, whereas “I have met him a few times” does not specify the exact number.
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