Difference Between Flattery & Appreciation

Key Difference – Flattery vs Apprecation

The primary distinction between flattery and appreciation is in the intent; an individual who flatters does so with a selfish underlying motive, whereas someone who appreciates does so out of kindness, friendliness, and gratitude. As a result, flattery is frequently regarded as a negative notion, while appreciation is seen as a positive one.

What is Flattery?

Flattery can be defined as insincere and excessive praise given with a hidden intention, or a false compliment. People typically flatter others when they want to manipulate them and get their help. Flattery, therefore, is driven by selfishness. It is common for those who flatter to mean the opposite of what they say.

What is Appreciation?

Appreciation is acknowledging someone’s positive qualities and expressing pleasure or gratitude to that person. It is always genuine and sincere and is not driven by any hidden selfish motives. It can be difficult to distinguish between flattery and appreciation, but insincere praise can often be identified through tone, mood, and body language.

Key Takeaways

  • Flattery is insincere and excessive praise given with a hidden intention, while appreciation is the recognition of someone’s positive qualities and expressing gratitude to that person.
  • Flattery is driven by ulterior selfish motives, whereas appreciation is driven by genuine gratitude.
  • Flattery may contain lies, while appreciation is always based on truth and sincerity.
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Gil Tillard
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