Difference Between Flickr & Facebook


Flickr and Facebook are two popular social networking sites. Flickr focuses on photo sharing, allowing users to showcase their photography skills and share images with others. Facebook, on the other hand, is more focused on socializing and connecting with friends and family. Both platforms have millions of users worldwide.


Flickr is a cyber social site that encourages members to post their photos. Users can upload an unlimited number of photographs at their original resolution. This platform is especially beneficial for photography enthusiasts who want to showcase their work and share it with others who are interested.


Facebook was originally created as a platform to connect people with their families, friends, and acquaintances. It has since expanded exponentially to include almost everyone in the world. Facebook allows members to upload photos and videos, update their status, chat with friends, and play games. The use of real names on Facebook makes it easier to connect with former friends and acquaintances.

Difference between Flickr and Facebook

The primary difference between Flickr and Facebook is their main function. Flickr is primarily focused on photo sharing, while Facebook is more about socializing and connecting with others. Facebook offers a variety of features for users to relate to others and constantly update their status. It is easier to post comments on Facebook, even if you are not a direct contact of the profile owner. Flickr, on the other hand, requires users to provide their email address and website to leave comments. Facebook is more popular and attracts millions of visitors daily. It also allows users to create groups based on common interests or exclusive clubs.

In conclusion, both Flickr and Facebook have their unique features and serve different purposes. It is important for users to manage their accounts responsibly and respect the opinions of others when using these platforms.


– Flickr is a social site that focuses on photo sharing and allows users to showcase their photography skills.
– Facebook is a social networking site that was created to connect people to their families, friends, and acquaintances and offers various features for socializing and updating status.
– Facebook is more popular and visited by millions of people every day.

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