Difference Between Fondant & Marzipan


1. Fondant and marzipan are two different types of cake decorations that can be used to create various shapes and designs.
2. Fondant is made from water and sugar, while marzipan is made from ground almonds and sugar.
3. Fondant can be poured or rolled onto cakes, while marzipan is used to make small fruit or animal figures and can also be eaten as candy.


Fondant and marzipan are two different types of cake decorations. Fondant is a pliable frosting that can be poured or rolled over a cake, while marzipan is a paste made from ground almonds. This article aims to highlight the differences between fondant and marzipan, both commonly used by confectioners to decorate cakes.

What is Fondant?

Fondant is a type of frosting used for sculpting or decorating cakes and pastries. It can be poured or rolled onto a cake to create various shapes. When in liquid form, it is a mixture of heated and beaten water and sugar. Rolled fondant, commonly used for wedding cakes, is a gelatin-based dough-like substance that remains pliable.

What is Marzipan?

Marzipan is a paste made from ground almonds, sugar, and water. It is used to create imitations of fruits and vegetables to decorate cakes. Marzipan candies, shaped like animals and fruits, are also available in the market. Marzipan can be dyed in different colors to create colorful objects and icing for cakes and pastries.

What is the difference between Fondant and Marzipan?

– Fondant tastes sweeter than marzipan due to its higher sugar content.
– Fondant can be poured or rolled onto cakes, while marzipan is used to create small fruit and animal figures for decoration or consumption.
– Fondant is preferred for decorating white cakes, as marzipan cannot be dyed pure white.
– Rolled fondant contains gelatin to maintain its pliability when used to create flowers on cakes.
– Marzipan has a tastier almond flavor compared to fondant.
– Marzipan allows confectioners to create animal-shaped candies loved by kids.
– Fondant is a better choice for those seeking sweetness, while marzipan enhances the flavor of the cake.

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