Difference between forgiveness & reconciliation


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Forgiveness vs Reconciliation

The concepts of forgiveness and reconciliation are important in our lives. Sometimes, we find it difficult to be around those who have hurt us, even if we have forgiven them. Forgiving someone is easier than reconciling with them. Understanding the differences between forgiveness and reconciliation is important for forgiving others in both thought and action.


Forgiveness is a way for us to let go of resentment and anger towards those who have wronged us. When people in our lives do something we don’t like, we often feel bitter towards them. However, holding onto grudges and resentment only brings negativity into our lives. Instead, forgiving allows us to start fresh and move forward. Forgiving someone who has cheated on you, for example, helps you let go of bitterness and feel better. It opens the door for joy, peace, hope, and light in your life.


Reconciliation is forgiveness in action. Many people claim to have forgiven their wrongdoers but still hold grudges against them. While this may be a natural response, it is detrimental to the victim. By letting go of colored feelings and emotions towards the wrongdoer, the victim can start to feel better. Forgiving in thought but not in action is incomplete forgiveness. Reconciliation is harder than forgiveness because it requires practicing forgiveness in behavior. It is easier to forgive someone who has been unfaithful than to accept them back into your life as if nothing happened.

What is the difference between Forgiveness and Reconciliation?

– Forgiveness is letting go of resentment and anger, while reconciliation is embracing the wrongdoers in our lives.
– Reconciliation is forgiveness in action and behavior.
– Reconciliation is harder than forgiveness.
– Reconciliation should be the goal for all of us in order to find peace within ourselves.


1. The concepts of forgiveness and reconciliation are important in our lives.
2. Forgiveness involves stopping feelings of resentment and anger towards those who have wronged us, while reconciliation entails embracing the sinners in our lives.
3. Reconciliation is harder to achieve than forgiveness and should be the goal for finding peace within ourselves.

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