Difference between fridge & refrigerator


1. The terms “fridge” and “refrigerator” are often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to the same appliance that has both a cooling device and a freezer.
2. The word “fridge” is a shortened version of the word “refrigerator” and is more convenient to speak and write.
3. While “fridge” can be seen as a casual or slang term, it has become so popular that it is used more frequently than the longer word “refrigerator.”


August 23, 2011 Posted by Olivia

Fridge vs Refrigerator

Refrigerator is a cooling device that is a common household appliance in all parts of the world. It has two compartments that keep items at different temperatures. While the larger compartment keeps food items, and other perishables at a cool temperature just above freezing point of water, (3-5 degrees Celsius), the smaller compartment is called freezer as it has inside temperature below freezing point and used for making ice in warm countries. There is another word that is commonly used to refer to the same machine, and that is fridge. People use the two words interchangeably as if they were synonyms. Let us find out if there are any differences between the refrigerator and fridge.

Thus, a refrigerator consists of both a cooling device as well as a freezer, and it is probably referred to as a fridge to avoid confusion with a deep freezer that keeps temperatures below freezing point. One can keep both ice creams and vegetables inside a refrigerator, though in separate compartments, while a freezer is suitable only for items such as meats and medicines that need sub freezing temperatures. A refrigerator is in reality a refrigerator/freezer combo as one gets the facility of a cooling device as well as a small freezer with a refrigerator. Now, you cannot call it a freezer, and this is why the new name fridge was coined.

Fridge is a shortened version of the same word refrigerator as obliterating a few alphabets from the front and the end give us fridge albeit with a minor difference. However, industry never refers to refrigerators as fridge as it gives a casual appearance to the gadget. Refrigerator is a rather long word that takes up a moment to speak up. In writing also, it is inconvenient to write so many alphabets. Thus, the word fridge is not only convenient to speak but also write.

What is the difference between Fridge and Refrigerator?

· Fridge is just a smaller name for a refrigerator that is a cooling device used in households all over the world.
· Though fridge can be referred to as slang and a casual word, it has become so popular that more people make use of this word than those who take pains to call out refrigerator which is a rather long word.

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