Difference between frying & deep frying


1. The main difference between frying and deep frying is the amount of oil used. Frying uses small quantities of oil, while deep frying requires the food to be submerged in hot oil.
2. Frying gives the food exposure to air, which makes it take longer to cook. Deep frying, on the other hand, does not expose the food to air and cooks faster.
3. Deep frying results in higher absorption of fats by the food item compared to frying.


Frying and deep frying are two different cooking methods that involve the use of oil. While both methods use heat to cook food, there are significant differences between them. This article will explore these differences and discuss the health implications of each method.


Frying, also known as shallow frying or pan frying, uses small quantities of oil to cook food. The food item is not submerged in oil but is cooked in a shallow layer of oil. It requires continuous stirring to ensure that the oil is evenly distributed. The temperature for frying typically stays around 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Deep Frying

Deep frying, on the other hand, involves submerging the food item in a large amount of oil. This method is commonly used to make french fries and potato chips. Unlike frying, deep frying does not expose the food to air, resulting in faster cooking times. The temperature for deep frying reaches around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important to drain the excess oil from deep-fried foods before consuming as they absorb more fats during the cooking process. Deep-fried foods are known for their crispy exterior and juicy interior.

Frying vs Deep Frying

Here are some key differences between frying and deep frying:

1. Amount of Oil: Frying uses small quantities of oil, while deep frying requires a large amount of oil to submerge the food.

2. Cooking Time: Frying takes longer as the food is exposed to air, whereas deep frying cooks food faster due to the lack of air exposure.

3. Food Compatibility: All food items that can be deep fried can also be cooked by pan frying.

4. Fat Absorption: Deep frying results in higher absorption of fats by the food compared to frying.

5. Cooking Speed: Deep frying cooks food faster than shallow frying.

In conclusion, both frying and deep frying use oil to cook food, but the main difference lies in the amount of oil used and the cooking time. Deep frying is faster and results in higher fat absorption, while frying takes longer and exposes the food to air.

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