Difference Between Gifted & Talented Individuals

Gifted vs Talented

When a child displays exceptional skills that go beyond their age, they are often labeled as gifted or talented. However, these terms have different meanings and it’s important to understand them so as not to hinder the growth and development of a bright child. In this article, we will explore the differences between gifted and talented children.


A few decades ago, giftedness in a child was measured using intelligence tests, as it was defined in narrow terms focused on intellectual skills and abilities. Today, we know that giftedness is not limited to intellectual abilities alone, as a child can be gifted in various areas such as exceptional memory, linguistic skills, musical abilities, or even being an extraordinary sportsperson. Children who excel or have the ability to excel in different skills, ranging from academics to interpersonal skills or creative thinking, are now considered gifted, with their educational needs being met differently from those of normal children.

Teachers are now being trained to identify giftedness in children so that their exceptional abilities or talents don’t go to waste. Gifted students are characterized by quicker and more efficient learning and thinking at a higher level than their peers.


When teachers refer to a student as exceptionally talented, they mean that the child is capable of a high level of performance at present. In other words, if a child is talented, they can deliver a performance or exhibit their exceptional skills in a demonstrable manner. A talented child can play a musical instrument efficiently, demonstrate their skills in a sport, or have above-average intellectual, social, interpersonal, creative, or physical skills. Talent is a level of achievement far above that of other children of the same age in various fields, such as art, language, sports, physical, or social abilities.

Key Takeaways

  • Giftedness refers to potential abilities, while talent refers to present abilities that can be demonstrated or performed.
  • Giftedness is outstanding potential, whereas talent is outstanding performance at present.
  • Giftedness is an earlier stage in a child’s development than talent, and there is a journey from giftedness to talent that needs to be covered by a bright child who is above average in any field, whether academic, sports, music, arts, and so on.
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