Difference Between Graduate & Undergraduate Education

Graduate School vs Undergraduate School

The difference between graduate school and undergraduate school is important to understand for those looking to pursue higher education. Graduate schools and undergraduate schools are both higher educational institutions. Typically, students working towards a bachelor’s degree are referred to as undergraduates. Four years of study in undergraduate schools lead to degrees such as Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A), and others. Graduate schools offer advanced courses that follow the completion of undergraduate courses, such as Master’s degrees. Enrollment in these advanced courses is only open to those who have completed their undergraduate course. Many graduate schools are affiliated with universities, which usually award these degrees.

What is Undergraduate School?

All colleges and universities provide undergraduate degrees for students pursuing graduation. Undergraduate schools do not offer specialization, and the degree obtained is only at the bachelor’s level. Four years of study are needed to obtain an undergraduate degree. The undergraduate course acts as a foundation, upon which one must build by pursuing a master’s degree to become a professional in their chosen field of study.

Undergraduate courses provide knowledge in multiple fields rather than just one area. For instance, a student pursuing a BA gains knowledge in subjects such as English, History, Humanities, and social sciences. Upon completion of their undergraduate course, the student may enroll in a graduate course in arts and must choose a specific subject to focus on, for example, a Master’s in English. Some undergraduate schools do not provide any courses following the completion of the undergraduate course. In undergraduate schools, lecturers guide the students, who are provided with more supervision for their work.

What is Graduate School?

Most colleges and universities offer graduate degrees for those wanting to pursue higher education. A graduate school can be considered as a school that provides specialized education for those wanting to become professionals, such as individuals with MBAs. To obtain a master’s degree in any field of study, one must enroll in a graduate school. An additional 2-3 years of study at a graduate school are required to be eligible for a master’s degree. Almost all graduate schools offer undergraduate courses.

In graduate schools, supervision is minimal, and students are expected to be independent and follow the course through their own ambition and hard work. However, assistance from a lecturer is available if needed.

Key Takeaways

  • Undergraduate schools offer foundation degrees, while graduate schools offer specialized degrees in a field of interest.
  • Completion of undergraduate school is required before attending graduate school.
  • Undergraduate schools offer more supervision for students, while graduate schools expect students to work independently.
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