Difference Between Graffiti & Street Art

Graffiti vs Street Art

Many people struggle to differentiate between graffiti and street art. As graffiti becomes increasingly labeled as vandalism and destructive to public property, a debate arises between authorities and art enthusiasts about whether graffiti is a legitimate art form. Although graffiti was once considered an art form, it now faces opposition from authorities in charge of maintaining and cleaning buildings and structures. This article investigates whether graffiti and street art are truly distinct from one another.


Graffiti refers to writing or scribbling on walls and using scratching or spraying techniques to create something legible and visually appealing. A child’s scribbles on the walls of their home are not considered graffiti; only writings and drawings in the public domain receive this label. Graffiti can range from a simple slogan to intricate paintings by skilled artists.

In recent times, graffiti has primarily been created using marker pens and spray paint guns. If such a drawing is made without the building owner’s permission, it can be considered vandalism.

Street Art

Art is a familiar concept, and many people have visited art galleries to appreciate the works of great artists from the past, whether it be oil paintings on canvas or wall murals. Art that takes the form of visual creations displayed on streets is referred to as street art.

Street art is a broad term encompassing various art forms, including graffiti. Poster art and sticker art are also considered forms of street art.

Key Takeaways

  • Many people view graffiti as a valuable art form that allows talented individuals to showcase their work in public spaces and express their feelings to the public or authorities.
  • There is a thin line between graffiti and vandalism, which entails the desecration or destruction of public or private property, and civic authorities often perceive graffiti as vandalism.
  • To those who can appreciate the nuances of art, graffiti is a type of street art that broadens the horizons of art forms, and it is incorrect to label it as vandalism.
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