Difference Between Guideline & Policy

Guideline and Policy are two terms that are often used incorrectly. Some people believe that they are interchangeable words with the same meaning. In reality, both terms represent a course of action but differ in their usage and application.

Guidelines are a course of action that helps people avoid getting lost when performing tasks. They are a collection of procedures that should be implemented in a logical order. Although there is a high chance that guidelines may not be followed, having them in place allows companies and organizations to set certain standards for their products and services.

A Policy is a set of actions that MUST be followed. The execution of policies is mandatory for those involved, such as an employer’s policy for its employees. Every policy includes reasons and values explaining why they were created and what they are for. Policies also represent planned decisions, meaning that when an individual faces a difficult situation, they should base their decision on the established policy.

Key Takeaways
– Guidelines are a course of action that helps people avoid getting lost when performing tasks, while policies are a set of actions that must be followed.
– Guidelines can be broken and violated without any penalty, whereas breaking or violating a policy will result in punishment.
– Both guidelines and policies exist to improve people’s lives and minimize chaos by providing structure and order to actions and tasks.

Gil Tillard
Gil Tillard
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