Difference Between Gymboree & Little Gym

Gymboree vs Little Gym

Exposing toddlers to exclusive environments that provide quality time and aid in social and motor skill development is a popular trend. Gymboree and Little Gym are two well-known preschool activity centers where parents can enroll their children. This article aims to compare and differentiate the two centers to help parents choose the best option for their child.


Gymboree is part of the Gymboree Corporation, which has been providing recreational and educational facilities for kids since 1970. The center offers playful activities to encourage exploration and confidence-building. Gymboree also allows parents to organize themed birthday parties for their children using supplies provided by the center. Activities are facilitated by a teacher who remains engaged with the children throughout the session.

Gymboree was founded by Joan Barnes in 1976 when she couldn’t find a safe and fun place for her own children. The aim was to provide parents with a safe and educational environment where they could actively participate in their child’s learning.

Gymboree offers classes in music, sports, art, and school skills, with a focus on playful learning. The center caters to children aged 0-5 years. Gymboree has over 500 centers in more than 30 countries.

Little Gym

Little Gym was established in Washington in 1976 by Robin Wes. The center promotes the physical, social, and intellectual growth of children in a non-competitive environment. The emphasis is on learning rather than winning.

Little Gym focuses on physical fitness and offers classes in gymnastics, dancing, karate, cheerleading, and other outdoor activities. Children learn in a musical and carefree atmosphere. The center organizes classes for children aged 4 months to 12 years and has over 300 centers in more than 20 countries.

Differences between Gymboree and Little Gym

– Gymboree focuses more on school, music, and art activities, while Little Gym prioritizes physical fitness.
– Gymboree encourages family learning experiences, whereas Little Gym promotes independence and learning in a non-competitive atmosphere.
– Little Gym provides a more relaxed environment, allowing children to learn new skills at their own pace.

Key Takeaways

1. Gymboree and Little Gym are popular pre school activity centers that provide recreational and educational facilities for children.
2. Gymboree focuses on school, music, and art activities, while Little Gym emphasizes physical fitness.
3. Gymboree encourages family learning experiences, while Little Gym promotes independence and a non-competitive atmosphere for learning.

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