Difference between heavy cream & whipping cream


1. Heavy cream has a higher fat content (36-48%) than whipping cream (30-36%).
2. Whipping cream is mainly used as topping and as filling in many desserts and dishes.
3. In the US, heavy cream is often referred to as heavy whipping cream, while in the UK it is referred to as double cream.


Cream is a high-fat byproduct of milk. There are different types of creams available, such as Heavy Cream and Whipping Cream. This article will highlight the differences between the two, helping readers make informed decisions when purchasing cream.

Heavy Cream

Heavy Cream is a type of cream commonly sold in the US. It has a high percentage of butterfat and a thick consistency. The fat content of Heavy Creams in the US is typically more than 36%. Some people confuse Heavy Cream with Whipping Cream because of the availability of heavy whipping cream in the market. However, in general, creams with a fat content of 36-48% are classified as heavy creams. When Heavy Cream is whipped, it increases in size.

Whipping Cream

Whipping Cream refers to cream with a high fat content that can be whipped to double its volume. After whipping, it becomes whipped cream. The fat content of Whipping Cream is usually 36-40%. It is important to note that lighter creams cannot be whipped, no matter how long they are beaten. Whipping Cream is often called thickened cream in Australia, as it contains some thickening agents to facilitate easy whipping.

Heavy Cream vs Whipping Cream

– Heavy cream has a higher fat content (36-48%) compared to whipping cream (30-36%).
– There are variations of whipping cream, such as light whipping cream and heavy whipping cream, based on fat content.
– Whipping cream is commonly used as a topping and filling in desserts and dishes.
– Light whipping cream has a fat content of 30%, while heavy cream or heavy whipping cream has a fat content higher than 36%.
– In the US, the nomenclature is light whipping cream and then heavy cream due to the higher fat content of heavy cream.
– In the UK, it is whipping cream and then double cream.

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