Difference Between Herbal Tea & Green Tea


1. Herbal tea and green tea differ in their preparation and ingredients. Herbal tea is a plant infusion made from dried fruits, flowers, or herbs, while green tea comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis tree and is processed differently.
2. Herbal tea has a long history and is enjoyed in various cultures, including Egypt and China. Different types of herbal tea have different medicinal uses, such as treating stomach upsets or acting as a sedative.
3. Green tea is popular in many Asian countries and is known for its medicinal properties, including its potential in combating cancer and controlling cholesterol levels. It contains antioxidants and caffeine, although less caffeine than coffee.


Herbal Tea vs Green Tea

This article discusses the differences between herbal tea and green tea in terms of preparation, taste, and medicinal uses. Herbal tea is not made from the leaves of the tea bush, but rather from a plant infusion. Green tea, on the other hand, comes from the Camellia sinensis tree. This distinction is the main difference between the two types of tea.

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is a combination of boiling water and dried fruits, flowers, or herbs. It has been enjoyed by people in Egypt and China for several centuries, with the Chinese version known as lion cha. Herbal tea is made by pouring boiling water over the plants and allowing them to steep for a certain period of time. It can be sweetened after straining. There are different varieties of herbal tea, each with its own medicinal properties. Some examples include Anise tea for stomach upsets, Boldo tea for stomach upsets in South America, Catnip tea as a sedative, Dill tea for stomach upsets, and Echinacea tea for cold and flu relief.

Green Tea

Green tea is prepared differently from herbal tea. The tea leaves are steamed instead of fermented, resulting in less oxidation. Green tea is popular in countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan, India, and Thailand. It is brewed with water that is not boiling, unlike herbal tea. Green tea is also known for its medicinal uses. It is believed to combat cancer and AIDS, lower bad cholesterol levels, and contain antioxidants and caffeine. However, green tea has less caffeine than coffee, making it a recommended substitute.


When preparing herbal tea, it is important to be cautious as some herbs may cause allergies or contain toxic elements. Green tea, on the other hand, does not have such concerns. Both types of tea offer various health benefits and can be enjoyed for their unique flavors and properties.

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