Difference Between Hitman & Assassin

Hitman vs Assassin

The terms hitman and assassin are often used interchangeably in the media when discussing the murder of prominent individuals, particularly politicians. While some people believe the two words are synonymous, others argue that there are differences between them. In this article, we will examine the meanings and distinctions between hitman and assassin.


Killing other people for money may seem like a barbaric and heinous profession, but there are individuals who make a living from this line of work. These hitmen are hired to carry out murders, receiving payment in exchange for their services. They do not advertise their profession openly and typically remain undercover, posing as an ordinary citizen. Hitmen are primarily interested in the money they receive for completing their assignments. They are often hired by the criminal underworld to eliminate enemies, usually up-and-coming criminals who seek to establish themselves in the criminal hierarchy.


While ordinary people are simply murdered, high-profile individuals, such as presidents, are assassinated. This distinction highlights that the killing of famous personalities, especially politicians, is referred to as assassination, and the individuals responsible for these acts are called assassins. The term assassin originates from the Persian word hashshashin, which referred to a group that carried out murders for religious or political reasons. Throughout history, assassins have been employed by leaders to eliminate rivals and enemies, ensuring a safer environment for themselves. In modern times, political assassinations often involve character attacks, but the killing of influential political figures by assassins remains a frequent occurrence.

Key Takeaways

  • Both hitmen and assassins are responsible for carrying out murders, but hitmen are typically associated with the criminal underworld, while assassins are often motivated by political or religious reasons.
  • Hitmen are professionals who receive payment for their actions, whereas assassins may sometimes be driven by ideological motivations.
  • While hitmen always kill for money, assassins may also kill for a cause, such as promoting peace or inciting revolt.
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