Difference between humanities & social sciences


1) Humanities and social sciences are two distinct fields of study, although they share similarities.
2) Humanities focus on intellectual concepts and skills, such as language, literature, religion, philosophy, visual and performing arts, and cultural studies.
3) Social sciences adopt a scientific approach to study human societies and relationships, including subjects like law, political science, history, psychology, economics, and linguistics.


There is often confusion between humanities and social sciences due to their similarities. However, there are differences between these two fields of study. Humanities focus on intellectual concepts and skills related to human aspects, such as cultures, languages, literature, religion, philosophy, and arts. On the other hand, social sciences adopt a scientific approach to study subjects connected with human society and human nature, such as law, political science, history, education, psychology, and economics. While social sciences have expanded to include some subjects traditionally considered humanities, the difference lies in their approaches. Social sciences have a more scientific approach, while humanities rely on descriptive and analytical methods to explain concepts.

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Maria Nguyen
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