Difference between Hungry Jack’s & Burger King


1) Hungry Jack’s is Burger King’s second largest franchisee and operates primarily in Australia.
2) Burger King is a United States-based company that has been in business since 1953, while Hungry Jack’s started as a franchisee of Burger King in 1971.
3) Both Hungry Jack’s and Burger King offer different varieties of food and accompaniments, but are known for their Whopper burgers.


Hungry Jack’s and Burger King are two popular fast food chains that offer similar products. While they both serve burgers, there are differences between the two in terms of preparation and accompaniments.

What is Hungry Jack’s?

Hungry Jack’s is an Australian Burger King franchisee owned by Jack Cowin. The franchise was given the name Hungry Jack’s because the name Burger King was already being used by another food store in Adelaide. Hungry Jack’s primarily sells the Whopper and TenderCrisp sandwiches and offers a slightly modified breakfast menu compared to Burger King. The restaurants have a 1950’s theme, with old-time memorabilia and retro-styled seats and tables.

What is Burger King?

Burger King was founded in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida under the name Insta-Burger King. Today, Burger King has over 12,200 outlets worldwide, with the majority located in the USA. The company started off selling fries, milkshakes, and soda but expanded its menu to include a variety of items such as fish, chicken, salads, and breakfast options. The Whopper burger, introduced in 1957, has become the trademark product of Burger King.

Hungry Jack’s vs Burger King

As Burger King expanded globally, it faced challenges with its franchisees. Hungry Jack’s was involved in a legal dispute with Burger King due to a breach of contract. Hungry Jack’s ultimately won the case, citing good faith. Some key differences between the two include:

– Hungry Jack’s is Burger King’s second largest franchisee.
– Burger King is US-based and has been in business since 1953, while Hungry Jack’s started as a franchisee in 1971.
– Although both were under the parent company Burger King Holdings, Hungry Jack’s now operates under Competitive Foods.
– Hungry Jack’s is popular in Australia, while Burger King is well-known in the USA. In fact, Hungry Jack’s locations in Australia are called Burger King.
– While both offer a variety of food and accompaniments, they are known for their Whopper burgers.
– Hungry Jack’s has over 300 locations primarily in Australian states, while Burger King has over 12,200 locations worldwide excluding Australia.

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