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Marriage is a long-standing social institution that helps families survive. It creates a strong emotional bond between husband and wife, especially when children are involved. While some cultures believe husbands are superior to wives, there are also places where wives hold the power. Regardless of societal perceptions, both husbands and wives play equally important roles in creating and maintaining a family. This article will highlight the differences between husbands and wives.


The husband is traditionally seen as the male partner in a marital relationship. Historically, husbands have been the primary breadwinners for the family. They provide financially for their family and ensure their wife and children’s security. However, with changing times, wives also play a crucial role in supporting the family financially.


The wife is responsible for taking care of not just her husband but also their children. She carries her husband’s child for nine months and nourishes them with her own milk. Traditionally, wives are also responsible for cooking and maintaining the home. In modern times, wives have taken on additional responsibilities, such as working outside the home and contributing to the family’s finances. This means they play a dual role, managing the household and taking care of the children.

What is the difference between Husband and Wife?

– Both husbands and wives play equally important roles in marriage and family. The absence of either one would make the family incomplete.
– Husbands are typically seen as the head of the family, responsible for providing financial support. However, wives are now also working and contributing to the family’s finances.
– Wives have the primary responsibility for the care and upbringing of the children. They carry the child in their womb for nine months.


1. The role of both husband and wife is equally important in the creation and survival of a family.
2. Traditionally, the husband is the breadwinner and looks after the material needs and security of the family.
3. The wife looks after the needs of the husband and kids, including carrying the child in her womb and taking care of the home. However, wives are now also taking on roles outside of the home, such as earning money.

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