Difference Between Inferiority & Superiority Complex

Inferiority vs Superiority Complex
Understanding the difference between the concepts of Inferiority Complex and Superiority Complex can be helpful. Inferiority Complex refers to the feeling of worthlessness by an individual, who feels like they are not good enough and are a failure. Superiority Complex, on the other hand, is a sense of superiority that a person feels in comparison to others. This article will emphasize the differences between the two concepts.

What is Inferiority Complex?

An individual who feels like a failure most of the time and struggles to achieve their goals may be suffering from an Inferiority Complex. This can be an overwhelming feeling because the person feels worthless. These individuals are often shy and doubt their abilities and skills. Even when they are extremely good at something, they still feel inadequate. It is normal for everyone to feel inferior at certain challenges and obstacles in life, but these feelings usually fade, and we return to our usual routines. However, for someone with an inferiority complex, this is not the case – they feel inferior at all times, and this becomes a barrier for them. The person may begin to isolate themselves from others due to their low self-esteem and feel pessimistic. The constant belief that they will fail and that nothing will go right makes them anxious and shy.

An inferiority complex can be caused by various issues, such as a child who is constantly scolded and criticized at home and school, leading to low self-esteem. Even as adults, these individuals may continue to suffer from this feeling and seek the approval of others. Battered women can also suffer from this due to learned helplessness.

What is Superiority Complex?

A Superiority Complex is when an individual has an inflated sense of self-worth, which can be related to their physical appearance, abilities, or skills. A person with a Superiority Complex can be easily identified by their demeanor. Their speech, behavior, characteristics, and opinions are all influenced by their sense of superiority. They may display qualities such as vanity, domineering tone, and arrogance. These individuals may order people around and treat others in a condescending manner. In psychology, it is believed that if a person shows signs of superiority, it is usually to mask some inferiority. When someone has a superiority complex, they do not pay attention to others and believe they know everything. This behavior and attitude can be negative for the person and those around them.

What is the difference between Inferiority and Superiority Complex?

  • Inferiority complex is the feeling of worthlessness by an individual.
  • Superiority Complex refers to a sense of superiority that a person feels in comparison to others.
  • A person with an inferiority complex doubts their abilities, while someone with a superiority complex is overly confident in themselves.
  • Sometimes a person can hide their inferiority through a superiority complex, using it as a mask to hide the reality.
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