Difference Between Intelligence Quotient & Emotional Quotient

There are ways to measure physical attributes like height and weight, but it can be more challenging to measure mental attributes such as intelligence and emotional behavior. To address this, scientists have developed quotients as tools to measure a person’s intelligence, known as IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient). While most people are familiar with IQ, not many know about EQ. Despite the similarities between the two, there are also significant differences.

What is IQ?

Also known as intellectual quotient, IQ is a number that measures an individual’s mathematical and logical abilities. It is a relative intelligence of a person, represented as a ratio multiplied by 100 of the mental age as reported on a standardized test to the chronological age. IQ measures a person’s ability to learn or understand new things, their ability to deal with new situations, and to manipulate their environment or think abstractly.

What is EQ?

EQ is a measure of a person’s emotional intelligence and indicates their ability to use both emotions and cognitive abilities. Attributes measured in this quotient include, but are not limited to, empathy, intuition, integrity, authenticity, intrapersonal skills, and interpersonal skills.

Comparison of IQ and EQ

When comparing IQ and EQ, IQ can measure concepts like word power, math skills, and logical reasoning, but falls short when it comes to creative skills and emotional abilities of a person. In fact, it has been shown that some people with high IQ scores are not particularly adept at managing personal relationships and can be socially awkward.

Key Takeaways

  • IQ measures cognitive abilities while EQ measures emotional abilities
  • EQ is more related to happiness and success in life than IQ
  • While IQ is innate, EQ can be improved upon
Maria Nguyen
Maria Nguyen
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