Difference Between Irregardless & Regardless

Regardless vs. Irregardless

In the English language, some words become so commonly used that it can be difficult to determine if they are actually correct or even exist in the language. One such word is “irregardless,” which many people use despite the existence of the word “regardless.” Although “irregardless” is not recognized by spellcheckers or Microsoft Word, some dictionaries have begun to include it as an official entry, even though it has the same meaning as “regardless.” Let’s take a closer look at these two words.


“Regardless” means a person having no regard, with the suffix “less” at the end indicating “without.” Therefore, “regardless” means a person without regard. However, “regardless” is also used as a synonym for “notwithstanding,” and other similar meaning words include “heedless,” “unmindful,” and “without concern.” When someone does something without paying attention to warnings or advice, they are said to be acting “regardless of warning or advice.”


“Irregardless” is not a standard English word, although it is commonly spoken and used by people. Some dictionaries have even given it an entry. Interestingly, people often use “irregardless” when they actually mean “regardless.” Since “regardless” already means “without regard,” adding the prefix “ir” creates a double-negative, making it a nonsensical word.

For those interested in the origins of words, “irregardless” comes from a blend of the two words “irrespective” and “regardless.” People may have been inspired to create “irregardless” by words like “irrespective” and “irreplaceable,” not realizing that these words do not have the “less” suffix that “irregardless” already contains.

Key Takeaways

  • Irregardless remains a slang or nonstandard word at best and is not considered a substitute for regardless.
  • Regardless means “without regard,” and adding the prefix “ir” creates a double-negative, nonsensical word.
  • The continued use of “irregardless” suggests that English is a growing language, ready to adapt to changes reflecting people’s hopes and aspirations.
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