Difference Between Jewellery & Ornaments

The key distinction between jewellery and ornaments is that jewellery refers to decorative items worn to embellish the body, while ornaments are small objects used to adorn a place or another item. Although primarily used for decoration, jewellery can also serve other purposes. In this article, we will explore the various uses and properties of jewellery and ornaments.

What are Ornaments

Ornaments are small objects used to beautify or adorn something, making it more visually appealing. They serve no practical purpose other than being decorative. Examples of ornaments include small decorative objects like figurines, vases, and decorative plants displayed on tables, fireplace mantels, etc. Ornaments can enhance a home’s appearance and decoration. Christmas decorations are another example of ornaments. Jewellery can also be considered a type of ornament.

In art and architecture, the term ornament refers to a decoration used to embellish parts of a building or object.

What is Jewellery

Jewellery refers to small decorative items or ornaments worn to adorn the body. Typically made from or containing precious gems or metals, common examples of jewellery include:

– Necklaces – worn around the neck
– Rings – adorn the finger
– Bracelets – worn around the wrist
– Anklets – worn around the ankle
– Earrings – adorn the ears
– Brooches – attached to garments
– Hairpins – attached to hair

While jewellery is primarily worn for decorative purposes, it can also serve other functions, such as indicating status and wealth, carrying symbolic or personal meaning (love, luck, mourning, etc.), representing religious or social affiliation, or acting as a talisman. For example, most married couples in the West wear a wedding ring on their ring finger, and married Hindu women wear a necklace called a mangala sutra or thaali. Additionally, some jewellery items, like brooches, hairpins, and watches, also have functional purposes.

Both men and women wear jewellery, although adult women typically wear more jewellery than men or children. The styles and designs of jewellery worn by men and women also tend to differ, with women’s jewellery often featuring more gemstones than men’s.

Key Takeaways

  • Jewellery refers to decorative items worn to embellish the body, while ornaments are small objects used to adorn a place or another item.
  • Jewellery may serve functional and symbolic purposes in addition to being decorative, while ornaments only have a decorative function.
  • Jewellery is worn to adorn the body, whereas ornaments are used to decorate household items.
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