Difference between Jews & Muslims


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Jews vs Muslims

Muslims and Jews are followers of the religions of Islam and Judaism respectively. Both religions have a Semitic origin and worship the same god. They consider Jerusalem as their holy city and practice circumcision. Despite these similarities, there has been an ongoing rift between the followers of both religions, which has become a source of conflict in West Asia.


Jews trace their origin to Abraham and believe they are descendants of Isaac. They believe that God chose Isaac to inherit Abraham’s blessings. Muslims, on the other hand, trace their ancestry to Ishmael, another son of Abraham. The issue of inheritance caused animosity between the two sons.


Islam teaches Muslims to treat Jews as their brothers, but there are also passages in the Quran that mention killing Jews if they refuse to convert to Islam. The Quran presents Ishmael as the rightful heir of Abraham, while Jewish scriptures state that it was Isaac who was chosen. This difference has contributed to the strained relations between Jews and Muslims.

In the past, Muslims and Jews lived with peace and no hostility towards each other. However, the conflict between Jews and Muslims intensified after the establishment of Israel in a land inhabited by Palestinians (Muslims). Arab countries united and attacked Israel, but Israel successfully defended itself.

There is a debate about whether the Quran instructs Muslims to hate or kill Jews. Hatred between Jews and Muslims seems to have deepened during the time of Mohammed and afterwards, as Jews rejected the idea of Mohammed being a prophet.

Jew vs Muslim

– Both Judaism and Islam are Abrahamic religions.
– Muslims trace their ancestry to Ishmael, while Jews consider Isaac their ancestor.
– The modern cause of animosity between Jews and Muslims is the establishment of Israel in Palestinian territory.
– The holy book of Muslims instructs them to treat Jews as brothers, but also contains passages about killing Jews who refuse to convert.
– Jewish holy book rejects Mohammed as a prophet.
– Muslims are prohibited from consuming pork and alcohol, while Jews do not have a prohibition on alcohol but do not eat pork.
– The Muslim holy book is the Quran, while the Jewish holy book is the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible).
– One can convert to Islam, but to be considered Jewish, one must have Jewish blood.


1. Muslims and Jews are both followers of religions that originate from the Abrahamic tradition.

2. The establishment of Israel in a land inhabited by Palestinians has caused significant tension and animosity between Jews and Muslims.

3. While there are passages in the Quran that promote peace and brotherhood between Muslims and Jews, there are also passages that suggest violence towards Jews who refuse to convert to Islam.

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