Difference between kimono & yukata


1) Kimono and Yukata are both traditional Japanese dresses, but they have distinct differences. Kimono is a more well-known and popular dress, while Yukata is a comfortable summer dress made of cotton.
2) Kimonos are more expensive than Yukata, and they are often worn on special occasions by women. Yukata, on the other hand, is more commonly worn as a leisure or after-bathrobe by both men and women.
3) The word “Kimono” means a thing to wear, while “Yukata” literally means a bathing robe. Kimono has many different varieties, while Yukata is generally simpler in design.


Japan is known for its mesmerizing objects and traditions, including traditional costumes such as the Kimono and Yukata. While Kimono is a well-known dress, Yukata often confuses people due to its similarities. In this article, we will discuss the differences between these two traditional Japanese dresses.


Kimono is the most popular traditional dress from Japan. It is a robe-like dress that can be worn by both men and women of all ages. The word “kimono” means a thing to wear, but it has come to represent a specific T-shaped dress with wide, long sleeves. When wearing a kimono, the left portion is wrapped around the right shoulder, except when draping a dead person during burial. The robes are held in place with a string or another robe called obi, which is usually tied at the back and not visible to others. While kimonos are sometimes worn by men, they are primarily worn by women in Japan. There are various types of kimonos worn for different occasions and celebrations, and older women in Japan still prefer this traditional dress.


Yukata is a dress that resembles bathrobes used in the West. The term “yukata” itself means bathrobe. It is a comfortable dress made of cotton and is commonly used for leisure wear or after a hot bath. It can be described as a summer kimono, as it is made of cotton. Both men and women wear yukatas, with women’s sleeves being longer than those for men. Younger people often wear brightly colored yukatas with floral prints, while older individuals prefer dark-colored yukatas with sober designs. In ancient Japan, yukatas were mainly worn by the upper-class, but nowadays, they are commonly worn as summer dresses.

Differences between Kimono and Yukata

– Yukata comes from the word “yukatabira,” which means a bathing robe.
– Kimono is a traditional Japanese dress primarily worn by women on special occasions.
– Kimonos are more expensive compared to yukatas, which are mostly made of dyed cotton.
– Yukata used to be worn by nobility in the past but has now become a common summer dress in Japan.
– Kimono is more popular than yukata.
– The word “kimono” is a combination of “ki” and “mono,” meaning a thing to wear, but it now represents a specific dress style.
– Kimono has many varieties, while yukata is relatively simpler.

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