Difference between kurta & sherwani


1. Kurta and sherwani are two different types of apparel that have distinct characteristics and purposes.
2. Sherwani is a coat-like garment that is worn over a kurta and churidar, while kurta is typically worn with loose-fitting pajamas or salwars.
3. Sherwani is often preferred as wedding suits because it gives a taller and more beautiful appearance to men, while kurtas are commonly worn during summer and can be paired with jeans.

Kurta vs Sherwani: Understanding the Differences

Kurta and Sherwani are two types of apparel that may appear similar at first glance, but they possess distinct characteristics. Let’s explore the features that set them apart:

1. Kurta

A kurta is a traditional garment worn by men and women. It is commonly worn in countries like Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Kurta is usually paired with loose-fitting pajamas or salwars for both genders.

2. Sherwani

A sherwani, on the other hand, is a coat-like garment that is longer in length. It is often worn over a kurta and churidar. However, modern times have seen the direct pairing of sherwani with churidar. Sherwani is typically buttoned and reaches the knees. This clothing choice provides a taller and more elegant appearance for men, making it a popular option for weddings.

3. Kurti

For women, a shorter version of the kurta, known as a kurti, is worn with salwars. Kurtis resemble blouses and are usually shorter in length compared to kurtas.

4. Additional Information

– The term “kurta” originates from Urdu and Hindi, meaning “a collarless shirt.” While traditional kurtas lack collars, modern versions may have them. This word was officially recognized in English dictionaries during the 20th century.
– Both kurta and sherwani are suitable for summer wear.
– Kurtas can be paired with jeans for a more casual look.

These are the essential distinctions between kurta and sherwani. While they may share some similarities, understanding their unique features will help you make the right fashion choice for any occasion.

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