Difference between lacquer & paint


1. Lacquer is a product used to form a protective coating over the surface of wooden furniture.
2. Lacquer is both a product and a finish, providing a highly glossy and durable coating.
3. Paint is a liquid substance used to provide a solid film and protective covering over an object’s surface.


On the surface, lacquer and paint may seem similar, but there are some key differences between the two. This article aims to clarify these differences and help readers choose the right product for their needs.


Lacquer is a product used to create a protective and glossy coating on wooden furniture and other surfaces. It is similar to varnish and provides a hard and durable finish that protects against weather damage, spills, and scratches. In addition to being a product, lacquer also refers to lacquer paints that were commonly used to paint automobile bodies from the 20s to the 60s. Lacquer dries quickly, so it is typically applied through spraying rather than brushing. It is widely used in the furniture industry for its protective and aesthetic properties.


Paint, on the other hand, is a substance used to create a solid film and protective covering on surfaces. It is typically a liquid that dries to form a layer of color. Paint consists of a vehicle (binder), a solvent (dissolves the vehicle), and a pigment (provides color). The vehicle helps the pigment adhere to the surface, while the solvent transforms the pigment into a liquid. Paints are generally classified as enamels or lacquers. Enamels not only dry but also cure the surface, whereas lacquer paints simply dry to form a solid film without curing the surface.

Lacquer vs Paint

– Lacquer can refer to both a product and the finish it creates on a surface.
– Lacquer is commonly used to provide a glossy and protective coating on wooden and metallic surfaces, often in clear or tinted form.
– Paint refers to the liquid used to create a colorful solid film on a surface.
– There are two main types of paint: enamels and lacquers.
– Lacquer paints dry quickly and are typically applied through spraying.
– Lacquer paints were once popular for painting automobile bodies.

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