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Lenin and Stalin were influential leaders of the Soviet Union. While Stalin ruled for a longer time and succeeded Lenin, it was Lenin who is considered the father figure of modern communist USSR. Despite their similarities, there were differences between the two leaders that will be highlighted in this article.

Vladimir Lenin

Lenin was a Bolshevik revolutionary and a communist leader. He came to power through the Bolshevik revolution in 1917 and served as the Premier of the USSR from 1922 to 1924. He followed Karl Marx and his contributions led to the formation of Marxism-Leninism. Lenin is credited with ending the rule of the tsar in Russia and creating a socialist state.

Joseph Stalin

Stalin was a Bolshevik revolutionary who became the general secretary of the communist party and succeeded Lenin as the premier of the USSR. He shared the dream of making USSR a powerful communist country. He believed in Marxist socialism but applied his own economic policies. Stalin focused on state control over industries and agriculture to create a classless society.

Lenin vs Stalin

– Lenin ruled the USSR for two years, while Stalin remained in power for almost 30 years.
– Lenin was the founder of the USSR through the Bolshevik revolution, whereas Stalin continued his work.
– Lenin allowed some private ownership of land and businesses, while Stalin brought all agriculture under state control.
– Living standards improved for farmers and peasants under Lenin, but declined under Stalin.
– Lenin was more of a revolutionary and father figure, while Stalin was more of a politician.
– Lenin was more careful in dealing with opponents, while Stalin crushed any opposition.
– Lenin was more popular among the masses.
– Stalin was more stubborn and ruthless than Lenin.


1. Lenin and Stalin were both influential leaders of the modern Soviet Union who shared similar beliefs and characteristics, such as being exiled to Siberia, wanting a communist revolution worldwide, and being ruthless rulers.

2. Lenin ruled the USSR for only two years, while Stalin succeeded him and remained in power for almost 30 years. Lenin is credited with being the founder of the USSR, whereas Stalin took over a pre-existing system.

3. Lenin was more liberal and allowed some peasants to keep their land and some businesses to remain private, while Stalin brought all agriculture under state control and forced farmers to work on state farms. Additionally, under Lenin, living standards improved for farmers and peasants, but they declined under Stalin.

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