Difference Between Libertarian & Anarchist

Libertarian vs Anarchist

The primary difference between a libertarian and an anarchist is their perspective on the government. Libertarians and anarchists follow the doctrines of Libertarianism and Anarchism, respectively. They have distinct natures and differing opinions on topics such as government, wealth, and property ownership. A libertarian does not agree with the existing government and believes it should be fixed to align with their views. In contrast, an anarchist does not believe the system can be fixed and wants to abolish it entirely.

Key Takeaways

  • A libertarian is more concerned with individual rights and self-ownership, and they generally do not use aggressive means to achieve their goals.
  • An anarchist is more extreme in their views, often seen as hostile and aggressive, and may use violence to achieve their goals.
  • While libertarians believe that the government should be limited and reformed, anarchists want to abolish the government entirely.

Who is a Libertarian?

A libertarian is primarily concerned with individual rights, particularly the right to self-ownership. They are willing to work hard and advocate for their right to the products of their labor. Libertarians are faith-based but not necessarily theological in their beliefs.

Libertarians are generally viewed as friendly and non-aggressive, as they seek to assert their rights to self-ownership without resorting to force. They also respect the self-ownership rights of others, believing that one should not use forceful means to intrude upon this. In summary, libertarians tend to be more ethical in their behavior compared to anarchists.

Libertarians use ethical methods to achieve self-ownership of their labor products and respect the self-ownership rights of others. They value toleration as a fundamental virtue in pursuing self-ownership. They do not use force, considering it illegitimate and unwarranted. Libertarians do not necessarily approve of others’ actions but instead persuade them to act well and effectively to bring about change.

An essential characteristic of libertarians is their opposition to the prevailing government. They believe that the government intrudes upon self-ownership rights and should be opposed. However, they are pro-government, wanting it to become a smaller institution with limited powers. This would allow them to continue pursuing their beliefs. Libertarians aim to free people from societal authority.

Who is an Anarchist?

An anarchist is viewed as more extreme in their beliefs, often hostile and aggressive. They may use violence to achieve their goals, and their aggressive nature can result in a lack of adherence to ethics. Unlike libertarians, anarchists do not value toleration as a crucial requirement. They may use force due to their aggressive nature, considering it legitimate.

Anarchists differ from libertarians in their views on government. They advocate for the abolition of the political state, as they do not believe it can be fixed. Instead, they want it removed entirely to create the society they desire. Anarchists aim for self-liberation from political authority.

What is the difference between Libertarian and Anarchist?

  • Libertarians are pro-government and pro-capitalism, while anarchists are anti-government and anti-capitalism.
  • Libertarians believe that the government serves as a tool for the poor to pressure the rich, while anarchists believe the government supports only the rich.
  • Libertarians believe the government can be fixed to align with their views, whereas anarchists want to abolish the government entirely.
  • Libertarians advocate for a severely limited government, while anarchists want no government at all.
  • Libertarians believe in wealth inequality because they think it results from differing levels of hard work, while anarchists believe in wealth equality and want to abolish a corrupt government that hinders such a system.
  • Libertarians do not use violence to achieve their goals, while some anarchists do.

A libertarian can become an anarchist, but an anarchist cannot necessarily become a libertarian.

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