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LLB and BA are both well-known degree programs offered by colleges and universities worldwide, but there are several differences between these two degrees. One significant difference is that the rules regarding a BA degree are similar in every country, while that is not the case with LLB. The main changes in rules for BA degrees between countries can be the duration of the course. However, for LLB, the manner in which it is presented is also different from country to country. Some offer it as an undergraduate degree, while some offer it as a postgraduate degree. Sometimes, both of these qualities can be seen within the same country too. So, the difference in the way the LLB degree is offered depends on the education institute that offers you the degree. When it comes to BA Law, you will see that some countries like the UK offer both LLB and BA Law, but there is some difference between the two degrees.

What is LLB?

LLB is similar to the popular JD degree but with some differences. This is the same as the Bachelor of Law or Legum Baccalaueus. The degree of LLB is given to someone who has completed the law course or any other standard law program. It is essential to know that the origin of the LLB degree took place in England. You are eligible to apply for LLM or the Master of Laws if you possess the basic LLB degree only. University of Leeds offers LLB.

The specialty of LLB over the traditional law degrees is that the law students are required to undergo more amount of strenuous training in the practical aspects of law. This is to enable them to become good practicing lawyers later in their lives. Hence, the students are required to submit a dissertation too before the completion of the LLB degree. This is mandatory in a few universities across the world. However, some universities do not make the submission of a dissertation mandatory.

What is BA?

On the other hand, BA is also known as Bachelor of Arts. As you can see, BA is an Arts stream degree. It is considered more traditional in nature, and the subjects prescribed to study are mostly traditional too. The practical aspect of the subject may not be stressed. The student need not submit a dissertation too at the end of the course. However, this depends on the course the student is following. Not having to submit a dissertation is applicable to general BA degree courses. In BA special degree courses, you have to submit a dissertation. The duration of a BA general degree is three years. For a special degree, this is four years. However, depending on the country that offers BA degrees, this duration can vary.

BA is a degree awarded to students in various disciplines such as history, geography, English, other languages, economics, philosophy, sociology, and the like. University of Oxford offers BA.

Then we come to an interesting degree under the BA stream. That is BA Law. BA Law is also known as Bachelor of Arts in Law. As you can see, BA Law is an Arts stream degree. What is essential to note in a BA Law degree is that it offers an opportunity for students to learn law not as if they are going to pursue a career in law. In other words, BA Law offers the students an opportunity to study law as an academic discipline, not because they wish to pursue a career in law. They can, of course, go for a career in law if they want to. BA Law course allows the student to study law as the major subject while they can also follow non-law subjects. They can spend up to one-third of their time studying these non-law subjects. The duration of a BA Law degree is also three years.

Key Takeaways

  • BA degrees are similar in every country, while LLB degrees can differ in presentation and duration depending on the country and education institute.
  • LLB, or Bachelor of Law, degree requires more extensive training in the practical aspects of law, while BA, or Bachelor of Arts, degree is more traditional and does not stress the practical aspect of the subject.
  • BA Law, or Bachelor of Arts in Law, offers students the opportunity to study law as an academic discipline, not necessarily to pursue a career in law, whereas the scope of LLB degree is to prepare the students for a career in law.
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