Difference Between Lobster & Crayfish

Lobster vs Crayfish

Both lobsters and crayfish are popular seafood choices around the world, often considered delicacies, especially in landlocked countries. However, due to their similar physical features, many people struggle to differentiate between the two crustaceans. This article will clarify the differences between lobsters and crayfish.

Lobsters and crayfish both have a hard outer shell and a body divided into parts. Both have four pairs of legs, pincers, claws, antennae, and a long tail. Additionally, their eye structure is the same, being compound. For anyone unfamiliar with crayfish, it’s easy to mistake them for lobsters. However, there are a few differences that can help even a novice quickly tell if they are being served crayfish or lobster.

Key Takeaways

  • The first difference is size. Adult crayfish typically do not grow larger than 6 inches and are generally found in sizes between 2-6 inches. On the other hand, lobsters are usually 8 inches long, and some can grow even larger if not caught.
  • Another difference is habitat. While lobsters are found in oceans, crayfish are commonly caught in lakes and streams. Crayfish live at the bottom of freshwater lakes and streams, hiding under rocks and in muddy waters, feeding on insects, worms, mollusks, and organic matter at night.
  • One interesting difference is their swimming patterns. Lobsters swim frontways, while crayfish swim sideways.
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