Difference between loft & attic


1. Lofts and attics are spaces just below the roof that are used for various storage purposes, with lofts typically being open spaces and attics being closed spaces with doors.
2. The term “loft” can also refer to living spaces under the roof that were inhabited by poor artists during WW II.
3. The concept of a “loft apartment” has been coined by builders to attract buyers to studio apartments with more open spaces.


Loft and attic are similar structures found in homes and buildings. They are spaces located just below the roof and are used for various purposes. While they share similarities, there are also differences between lofts and attics that will be discussed in this article.


Lofts are large, open spaces typically found in old buildings. They were commonly used for storage purposes and did not have walls. During World War II, impoverished artists occupied lofts in dilapidated buildings. In modern times, lofts have become popular among those seeking alternative accommodation options. Builders now use the term loft to attract buyers to their studio apartments, which offer open layouts with minimal walls. Lofts can also be found in homes, serving as open storage spaces beneath the roof.


Attics, on the other hand, refer to spaces beneath the roof of homes. They can be small storage areas or large enough to be converted into bedrooms. Unlike lofts, attics are enclosed spaces with doors that can be closed. Some houses have attics running across all rooms, while others have attics in only a few rooms. Regardless, attics provide additional space for homeowners to utilize for various purposes.

Loft vs Attic

– Lofts and attics are both spaces beneath the roof used for storage purposes. However, lofts are typically open, while attics are enclosed.
– Loft can also refer to living spaces under the roof historically inhabited by artists in old, rundown buildings during World War II.
– Nowadays, the term loft apartment is used by builders to market studio apartments with more open spaces.

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