Difference between Loft & Studio


1. Loft apartments originated during WW II when artists used spacious floors of decadent buildings for their dwelling.
2. Studio apartments are built for people with a tight budget, such as students and bachelors.
3. Loft apartments are larger in size than studio apartments, but they are not suitable for families.


Loft and studio apartments are two types of apartments commonly sold by builders and property dealers. While studio apartments have been popular for a while, loft apartments are becoming more trendy. Some believe that loft apartments are just a marketing gimmick for small-sized studio apartments, while others argue that there is a genuine difference between the two. In this article, we will explore the distinction.


Loft typically refers to an open space located just below the roof of a building. It can also refer to the space inside a home, below the roof, that is used for storage. Historically, loft living gained popularity during World War II when impoverished artists utilized the top floors of rundown buildings as living spaces.

In recent times, builders have started using the term “loft apartment” to describe not only converted apartments in old buildings but also small apartments that are not divided into multiple rooms with walls.


A studio apartment is a small living space typically purchased or rented by bachelors, students, or individuals on a budget. These apartments usually consist of a single room or two rooms suitable for a single person or a couple. A studio apartment typically includes a living area, a bed, a kitchen, and an enclosed space for showering.

Differences between Loft and Studio

– Loft apartments are typically located on the top floors of buildings and originated from artists and creative individuals utilizing the spacious top floors of rundown buildings.
– Studio apartments are built for individuals with a tight budget, such as students, bachelors, and newly married couples.
– Studio apartments often combine the living area, sleeping area, and kitchen, with a separate bathroom to save on utility bills.
– Loft apartments are larger in size compared to studio apartments, as they are designed to accommodate artists and creative individuals.
– Loft apartments are not suitable for families, despite their larger size.
– Studio apartments are also known as bachelor apartments.
– Studio apartments are more functional and practical compared to loft apartments.
– Some builders market small-sized apartments as loft apartments to sell them.

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