Difference Between Loving & Adoring

You meet someone who is attractive and charming, and you find yourself drawn to them, wanting to spend time together and create memories. At this point, you may be unsure if you love them or not. As time goes on and your emotions become increasingly involved, you may begin to feel restless when you don’t have the opportunity to see or talk to them. This could be described as adoration. Love, however, is a stronger emotion than adoration, as it involves a commitment to the person. Once you declare your love for someone, you naturally feel compelled to maintain those feelings of love towards them.

Key Takeaways

  • Adoration is a stage in a relationship where you feel drawn to the person and want to spend time with them, but you are unsure if you love them or not.
  • Love is a stronger emotion than adoration and involves a commitment to the person.
  • Those who have been hurt in past relationships may use the word “adore” instead of “love” in an effort to avoid falling in love again.
Gil Tillard
Gil Tillard
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