Difference Between Luck & Fortune

There is often confusion between the words luck and fortune, as both are associated with chance, which denotes a sense of possibility that can have either a positive or negative impact. However, it is important to note that there is a key difference between luck and fortune. Luck occurs as a result of chance, while fortune influences people’s lives as an external force. This article aims to further clarify the distinction between these two terms with examples.

What is Luck?

Luck can be defined as circumstances that work for or against an individual. It can be further divided into two categories:

– Good Luck
– Bad Luck

Good luck is linked to chances or situations that benefit the individual, such as winning a lottery, while bad luck is associated with circumstances that work against the individual, such as missing a great career opportunity. The key point is that luck is solely a result of chance and not due to personal effort. Here are some examples of luck:

– She wore the necklace for luck.
– You are very lucky to have such a wonderful brother.
– If it is not luck, I don’t know what it is.
– They say it is bad luck to see a black cat.

What is Fortune?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines fortune as chance acting as a force affecting people’s lives. In this context, the term is used to refer to an external power that can impact the individual. Fortune is a more formal term than luck and can also be divided into two subcategories:

– Good Fortune
– Misfortune

Good fortune represents the positive aspect, while misfortune denotes the negative aspect. Here are some examples of fortune:

– He was the sole heir to a large fortune.
– You are fortunate to have survived such a terrible incident.
– We heard of his misfortune.
– They were in awe of his fortune.

As illustrated in the examples, the word fortune can also be used to refer to a person’s material success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Luck refers to circumstances that work for or against an individual and is a result of chance, while fortune is chance as a force affecting people’s lives and is a result of external powers.
  • Luck is used informally, whereas fortune is mostly used as a formal term.
  • Luck can be divided into two categories: good luck and bad luck, while fortune consists of two categories: good fortune and misfortune.
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