Difference Between Lustre & Glossy Finishes

Key Difference – Lustre vs Glossy

When comparing two batches of photos, the difference in finish can be striking, especially if one has a Lustre finish and the other a Glossy finish. While there are similarities between the two types of finishes, there are also differences to bear in mind when ordering photo reproductions from a digital photographic service.

Key Takeaways

  • Lustre finish is glossy with a special texture, reminiscent of a natural pearl, offering a subtle texture to photos.
  • Glossy finish provides a smooth, shiny surface without texture, producing sharp images with vibrant colors.
  • Lustre is less shiny than Glossy, has a unique texture, is anti-glare, and resists fingerprints, while Glossy is very shiny, smooth, produces glare, and does not resist fingerprints.

What is Lustre?

Lustre finish is glossy but also has a unique texture that qualifies it as Lustre. This texture is similar to the surface feel of a natural pearl. If you want to add this subtle texture to your photos, be sure to order this finish. Lustre can be roughly classified as in between glossy and matte, as it provides the shininess of the glossy paper and the slight roughness of the matte paper. There is much less glare in Lustre, making it suitable for framing photos and hanging them in a room. It also offers great color saturation, high contrast, and resists smudges and fingerprints.

What is Glossy?

As the name suggests, glossy finish provides a great shine on your photos. This finish offers a lot of sheen on smooth paper without any texture. Glossy finish is capable of producing very sharp images with vibrant colors. However, be prepared to clean smudges that become visible whenever someone handles the photo, as glossy finish does not resist fingerprints. Smudge marks can be removed using a piece of cotton or cloth. Glossy paper has a coating that reflects light, producing a shiny image.

What is the difference between Lustre and Glossy?

Definitions of Lustre and Glossy:
Lustre: Lustre finish is glossy but has a special texture that qualifies it as Lustre.
Glossy: Glossy finish provides a lot of sheen on smooth paper without any texture.

Characteristics of Lustre and Glossy:
Lustre: Lustre is only slightly shiny.
Glossy: Glossy is a very shiny finish.

Lustre: Lustre has a special texture that resembles the surface of a pearl.
Glossy: Glossy has no texture and is very smooth.

Lustre: Lustre is anti-glare, making it ideal for framing photos.
Glossy: Glossy produces glare when viewing photos at certain angles.

Lustre: Lustre resists fingerprints.
Glossy: Finger marks are easily visible on glossy.

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