Difference between Marilyn Monroe & Elizabeth Taylor


Marilyn Monroe vs Elizabeth Taylor

Both Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were iconic actresses known for their beauty and performances. They were incredibly popular in the twentieth century and had a significant impact on their audiences. It is difficult to determine who was prettier as both actresses were stunning in their own ways.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe gained popularity through her nude performances. She started as a model and utilized every opportunity to further her career. Her fame skyrocketed when her bold photos were published in a magazine. Though her life was cut short, she achieved great heights of success. Monroe was a fashion icon with her blue eyes and blond hair, captivating her audience. She was determined and had high goals, which motivated her professional endeavors. Monroe utilized advanced means to reach the top.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor experienced fame from a young age. With determination and ambition, she aimed to become a top actress. Her attractive features, including her eyes, hair, and body shape, made her a favorite among audiences. Taylor worked in movies, theater, and television, earning numerous awards. While her early married life was satisfying, she faced personal struggles later on. Despite this, she had a successful career and also worked as a social worker. Taylor’s looks attracted many and she underwent multiple screen tests to secure roles in the film industry.

Difference between Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor

The main difference between the two actresses is the length of their careers. Monroe had a shorter life span but worked hard to constantly improve and expand her expertise. Taylor, on the other hand, had a longer career and diversified her interests beyond acting, including developing a taste for jewelry, accessories, and engaging in social service. Additionally, Taylor underwent numerous facial surgeries due to the effects of aging, something Monroe did not experience.

Key Takeaways

1. Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were iconic actresses of the twentieth century, known for their beauty and performances.
2. Marilyn Monroe gained popularity through her nude performances and became a fashion icon, while Elizabeth Taylor achieved fame through her attractive eyes, hairs, body shape, and performances in movies, theater, and television.
3. Marilyn Monroe had a shorter life and focused on her professional goals, while Elizabeth Taylor had a longer career and also engaged in personal interests like jewelry, accessories, and social service.

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