Difference Between Marxism & Socialism

Marxism vs Socialism

Understanding the difference between Marxism and Socialism can be challenging, as they are both systems involving concepts and ideologies. Marxism is more theoretical, while Socialism is more practical. Marxism has led to various ideologies such as Leninism and Maoism, focusing on a proletariat revolution that can change the social structure. Socialism, on the other hand, seeks to create a fair economy for all.

What is Marxism?

Marxism is political in nature, with concepts based on the way an economy in a state operates. Marxism aims to establish equality between the rich and the poor by implementing ideologies based on history. This is essential in a society where the bourgeoisie exploits the workers. The basis of Marxism, put forward by Karl Marx, is history. If his principles or ideas are carried out practically, they lead to Communism. Marxism’s ideology is centered on uplifting the poor and granting them a status equal to the rich.

What is Socialism?

Socialism is economic in its ideologies, and it is an economic system where all means of production are owned by the public. Socialism aims for a co-operative system of control over the means of production and is heavily based on cooperative social relations and self-management. It seeks to eliminate hierarchy in the management of political affairs. Socialism is a political thought with ideas centered on the economic issues of society’s development. It aims to achieve the state of production for use, ensuring that allocation inputs are carried out correctly to satisfy human needs. Socialism is a mixture of reformation and revolution in equal proportions.

Key Takeaways

  • Marxism is more theoretical, whereas Socialism is more practical in nature.
  • Marxism is political in its concepts, while Socialism is economic in its ideologies.
  • Marxism focuses on a proletariat revolution to change society, while Socialism seeks to change society by altering the economic structure of the country.
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