Difference Between Melodramatic & Dramatic

Melodramatic vs Dramatic

Melodramatic is a term often used to describe a drama, movie, or TV series that is highly exaggerated and dramatic. People sometimes get confused between the words melodramatic and dramatic due to the similarities in their meanings. It can be unclear when a drama becomes a melodrama or when something is considered dramatic versus melodramatic. Despite these similarities, there are differences between melodramatic and dramatic that will be addressed in this article.

More on Melodramatic and Dramatic

Sometimes when watching a drama, movie, or TV series, we get the feeling that the actors are overreacting and overacting. This is when we feel that the character’s actions are trying to appeal to our emotions but in an exaggerated manner. When the actor makes sweeping gestures and exhibits over-the-top emotions, the drama becomes a melodrama or an exaggerated drama. The term melodrama was popularized by the French during the 18th century with their music and song drama. Melodrama is essentially dramatic in nature, but the dramatic elements in a melodrama are pushed to the limit, sometimes making the drama appear comical. In melodrama, characters remain consistently bad or good, meaning that characters do not change or grow throughout the story.

Key Takeaways

  • Dramatic refers to when an actor is skilled at acting.
  • Melodramatic is when an actor acts in an exaggerated manner.
  • When a drama is overly sentimental, it is known as a melodrama.
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