Difference Between Molasses & Treacle


1. Molasses and treacle are both types of sugar obtained from the extraction and boiling of sugarcane juice.
2. Molasses is obtained from the syrup after several boilings, while treacle refers specifically to the syrup after the third boiling.
3. Treacle is darker in color and has a stronger flavor than molasses, and it contains fewer sugar but more minerals and vitamins.


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Sugar is a crucial ingredient in our food and is hard to imagine living without. There are different types of sugars, including golden syrup, molasses, treacle, common sugar, and caster sugar. People often confuse molasses and treacle, mistakenly believing they are the same form of sugar. In this article, we will examine the differences between molasses and treacle.


Molasses is a thick, dark-colored, viscous liquid that is obtained during the extraction process from sugarcane. The consistency and color of molasses depend on factors such as the pressure used, the age of the sugarcane plant, and the method of sugar production. When sugarcane is cut or crushed, it produces a juice that is boiled to make it concentrated and viscous. This syrup is boiled multiple times to produce molasses.


The process of extracting sugar from sugarcane involves boiling the syrup or juice obtained from the cane multiple times. The first boiling produces a syrup called cane syrup in the US, which has a high sugar content. It is only after the second boiling that the syrup starts to taste slightly bitter due to sugar extraction. This second boiling produces molasses or second molasses. The third boiling of the syrup produces a flavorful substance known as blackstrap molasses, which has a very low sugar content but is rich in minerals and vitamins. In the UK, this syrup is also known as treacle or golden syrup, while in the US, it is called blackstrap molasses.

What is the difference between Molasses and Treacle?

The main difference between molasses and treacle lies in the boiling process. With each boiling, some sugar is lost due to crystallization of sucrose. The viscous liquid obtained after boiling is called molasses, while the syrup obtained after the third boiling is referred to as treacle or blackstrap molasses. Treacle contains very little sugar and is dark in color. Despite its low sugar content, treacle is rich in vitamins and minerals. Both molasses and treacle have strong flavors, with treacle being stronger than molasses.

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