Difference between mood & tone


1. The difference between mood and tone in a piece of writing.
2. Mood is the feeling that is usually aroused in the reader, while tone is the attitude of the author towards the subject.
3. The choice of words used by the author can indicate the tone of the writing, with positive words suggesting a positive tone and negative words suggesting a negative tone.


In literature, it is important to understand the difference between tone and mood. Tone refers to the author’s attitude towards the audience, while mood is the feeling or emotion evoked in the reader. This article aims to clarify any confusion regarding these two elements.


Mood is the emotion that the reader experiences while reading a composition. It can be happy or sad, depending on the content and style of the writing. The setting, voice of the writer, and theme all contribute to the overall mood of a piece. Mood can also be found in movies, where viewers may feel various emotions such as happiness or sadness. Positive mood words include amused, jubilant, calm, and loving, while negative mood words include irate, anxious, irritated, and apathetic.


Tone, on the other hand, is the author’s attitude towards the audience or subject matter. It can be optimistic, sarcastic, affirmative, or negative. Tone can be identified through the choice of words and the overall tone of the writing. Words like admiring, hilarious, affectionate, and hopeful indicate a positive tone, while words like hostile, acerbic, and impatient indicate a negative tone.

Difference between Mood and Tone

The mood of a composition refers to the emotions felt by the reader or audience, while the tone refers to the author’s attitude towards the subject matter. If a piece of writing makes you feel happy or sad, that is its mood. Tone, on the other hand, is the author’s attitude, whether positive or negative.

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