Difference between motion & bill


In the parliamentary system of democracy, the terms motion and bill can be confusing. This article aims to clarify the difference between the two terms and provide a better understanding.


A motion is a proposal made by a member of parliament to bring attention to something urgent or of public interest. It can be an opinion or a matter that needs to be discussed by the parliament. However, passing a motion does not guarantee any further action.


A bill can be introduced by the government, a private member, or a committee. It deals with matters that are of public or government interest. A bill is a draft of a proposed law based on a motion. It is presented to the parliament for consideration, discussion, and approval. Unlike a motion, a bill has the potential to become a law.

When a member raises a motion, it can be adopted, debated, amended, suspended, or withdrawn as per the decision of the house. Prior notice is required to raise a motion. If a motion is adopted and later passed by both houses of parliament, it becomes a bill and can eventually become a law.

Key Takeaways

1. A motion is a proposal made by a member of parliament to draw attention to an urgent or public interest matter, while a bill is a draft of a proposed law based on the motion.
2. A motion can be discussed and passed by the house, but it doesn’t automatically become a law. A bill, on the other hand, is presented to the parliament for perusal, discussion, and approval.
3. A motion can lead to the development of a bill, which may eventually be passed by both houses of parliament and become a law.

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